Features is loaded with amazing features that enable personal trainers to do more in less time.

Create Exercise Programs

Build exercise programs from our library of more than 2 000 exercises. Browse exercises with our user-friendly search function and customise instructions.

Manage Clients

Give your clients access to your account, where they can see their training calendar, track their progress and send you messages.

Manage Client Groups

Easily manage groups with hundreds of members. Create exercise programs for entire groups and follow your groups’ activity.

Track Progress

Add measurement points to your exercise programs: weight, BMI, fitness test results, etc. Browse real-time graphs.

Use Any Mobile Device can be used on any device, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone, making it easy for your clients to keep track of their progress.


Make the service fit in with your brand. Upload your own movements images and videos, customise instructions, and create your own heart rate zones. Explained in 60 Seconds
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How It Works? is extremely easy to use – for the personal trainer and the client.

As seen by the personal trainer

Add client

Enter your clients’ details. You can just enter their names and email addresses, or provide detailed information from fitness levels to targets.

Once you have saved the information, your clients will be sent an automatic invitation to the website.

Create exercise program

Select a time period in your training calendar (e.g. 3 months), and add training sessions as needed. You can copy and paste individual sessions or entire weekly programs, which makes the calendar quick and easy to use.

You can also use the ExerciseWizard to build an entire training calendar on the basis of a few basic details. You can then edit the calendar as you wish.

Create programs from our library of almost 2 000 exercises, or upload your own images or videos.

You can also create exercise programs without creating a client account, and print them out for your clients in PDF format.

Send Message

Send your clients messages via Your clients will get email notification of your messages.

All your latest messages can be accessed easily from your home page.

You can also attach files to your messages.

Track progress

Add targets (e.g. weight) to your exercise programs, and monitor your clients’ progress with our real-time animations.

You can also check which exercises your clients have completed, and browse their exercise diaries.

As seen by the client

Sign in

Client accounts are held at If you have opted for our Gym plan, you can create a branded login page, e.g.

Browse exercise programs

Clients can view their training calendar and browse their exercise programs.

Exercise programs can also be saved as PDFs.

Add notes

Clients can tick off exercises that they have completed and add notes to their exercise diary. They can also keep a record of their repetitions and intensities, and track their progress relative to their targets, such as weight.

All clients’ notes are visible to the personal trainer.

Track progress

Clients can track their progress with our real-time animations on the basis of the targets set for their exercise programs (e.g. weight). The same graphs are visible to both the client and the personal trainer.

Prices comes in a variety of plans.

  • Trainer

  • Create exercise programs and manage clients
  • Upload own images and videos
  • Unlimited additional users available*
  • Gym

  • Create exercise programs and manage clients
  • Upload own images and videos
  • Unlimited additional users available*
  • Create customised fitness tests
  • Create a branded login page for your clients
  • Trainero Priority Support
  • Enterprise

  • Manage multiple Trainer or Gym accounts
  • Follow your clients’ experiences
  • Collect and analyse feedback
  • Browse advanced statistics
  • Ideal for fitness club managers with multiple clubs to follow

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